Monday, October 19, 2015

Find Your Online Articles Faster

Melbourne Polytechnic Library have upgraded their discovery service FindIt@ to utilise Full Text Finder. What does this mean for me as a student or teacher? You can continue to search for everything from the one stop Google like search box, and then narrow your search down to a particular journal title. The new Full Text Finder link resolver will now connect you to your full text faster than before.

 So, why not give it a go? Visit and start searching FindIt@ for all of those great full text articles and eBooks to support your learning.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Need Help With Everyday Maths?

Click here for Everyday Math Fundamentals online training video. Ask Library staff about access. This video covers topics such as -
  • Understanding decimals and fractions
  • Working with percentages and ratios
  • Calculating area and volume
  • Scaling recipes
  • Estimating your running speed
  • Calculating the area for home-improvement projects