Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Library Staff saluted after 2013 InSync Library Survey:


Librarians lauded for student satisfaction

NMIT's library staff have set themselves apart in the InSync Client Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey.

The survey compares the level of student and staff satisfaction with the library resources and staff engagement across the Institute. The libraries of 32 universities and two TAFEs around Australia participated in this year's survey.

The results of the survey were presented to NMIT's CEO, Andrew Giddy, and other key stakeholders by Michael Samarchi from InSync Surveys on Wednesday 23rd October.

NMIT's staff scored in the top 25% in library satisfaction. The high correlation between services that students and staff deemed to be important and services thought to be performed well is testament to the library's commitment to improvement and overall high level of service.

The study also looked at how NMIT's students use the library, most students are using study areas, computers and library resources. There was also research into how students use their personal devices such as laptops and tablets.

Informing Development

The latest results mark an improvement from the previous study completed in 2011. NMIT Library has participated in the InSync survey, biennially, since 2009 with continual improvement identified in each survey.

Since NMIT's participation in the InSync survey, the library has introduced a number of changes to assist staff and students. These improvements include a 68% increase in computer workstations, following the 2009 survey. The development of the Library Research Skills databank, increased learning spaces, improved WiFi connectivity and website, following the 2011 survey, greatly enhanced the library.


For a copy of the full executive summary & bench-marking reports: https://staff.nmit.vic.edu.au/departments/infoservices/MinReports/Department%20Improvement%20Reports/Forms/AllItems.aspx


NMIT Library would like to thank both staff and students who gave their time to participate in this year's survey. The feedback is invaluable in helping the Institute to improve the library, resources and services.

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